Patient Testimonials

"A genuine thanks for your special care not only for my dental health, but my whole well-being. I appreciate your ability to make even someone as "chair-shy" as myself, completely comfortable. You exhibit the perfect balance of personable and professional in your approach to dental care, as well as, what I would (in the best way) describe as borderline perfectionism. Furthermore, your attitude seems to be quite contagious. The administrative staff is so friendly and knowledgeable that if it weren't for the beautiful teeth I now display I would still walk out with a smile. I am happy to say that I received nothing but the gentlest touch in getting my teeth cleaned as well as having my fillings done. I was shocked! I have never had such a pleasant experience and will be sure to recommend your services to anyone."
— Margaret D.

"I've been to multiple dentists in a variety of states, and I can honestly say that Dr. Kim is by far the best dentist I've ever had. The attention to every detail of the patient's comfort is OUTSTANDING. Because they take and ID photo of all their patients, you are greeted by name when you walk into the office, and they call you and email you to remind you of your appointments. There's always good parking nearby, but they also comp garage parking in the building if you can't find any on the street. In addition to a very gentle touch, great concern about everything from sufficient numbness to filling height, they not only have blankets for the chilly days and dark glasses to obscure the glare from the overhead lights, but they also have movie glasses so you can watch films during longer procedures. Can you beat that?!"
— Emily M.

"My whole family has been going here for years. I left for a while due to a move and have regretted it ever since. Now I drive 30+ miles to make it to Fremont Dental. Dr. Park and Dr. Kim are great. Their work is perfection. The staff is very professional and competent. The office has gotten me in whenever I have had an issue even without an appointment. It really does make a difference to be able to trust your dentist. "
— Shannon S.

"The honeymoon period should have ended by now, but I'm still head over heels. A couple of weeks ago part of my gum got a little irritated. I ignored it for a few days but then it got worse, as though the irritation was there to stay. I called Fremont Dental on a Wednesday afternoon and they scheduled me first thing Thursday morning. Dr. Park found the source of the irritation, removed it, and then flushed the area with antibacterial solution. I was there for less than 10 minutes! It really made my morning!"
— Kat F.

"Dr. Park is a great dentist. She's knowledgeable and most importantly, very gentle. I remember the first time she gave me a shot, I honestly did not feel any pain. I asked her what her trick was and she said it's a combination of things including warming the anesthetic. That's one example of making the extra effort for the patient's comfort. With Dr. Park, I feel she does not recommend any frivolous care. She always explains her recommendations and gives me options when available."
— anonymous

"I would never think of rating a dentist with 5 stars, but Fremont Dental deserves it for many reasons:

  • They have early morning appointments
  • They are easy to get to via bus or parking in their garage with validated parking
  • The front desk staff are very welcoming and helped me relieve my apprehension about going to the dentist
  • I was actually called back for my appointment at my scheduled time. I was prepared to wait… and wait… and wait like most other doctors' appointments
  • The assistant taking my x-rays was very friendly and gentle
  • I didn't wait long to see the dentist
  • Dr. Park explained exactly what she was going to do and what she was finding during the entire exam
  • I didn't feel like I was being taken advantage of when given my course of future treatment
  • I'm actually looking forward to going back

If you need a dentist, go see Dr. Park."
— Jackie C.

"They're all about customer service at Fremont Dental. I'm one of those people who hate going to the dentist. HATE!!! I hate getting the x-rays, I hate the cleanings, and I hate getting fillings. I had all of the above done at Fremont Dental within a week and a half and they still get a 5-star rating. They'll do whatever they can to minimize your pain and trauma, so feel free to speak up."
— Anca S.

"I like this dental office. It's hip, close to my house, clean and professional and Dr. Kim and her staff are really good. They are young, vibrant and everyone is good at what they do and appear to enjoy their job. I see lots of women, which I think is great. They seem to care about the patients, and the procedures I had went really well."
— Shelly W.